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Rules and Explanations!

Welcome to OC Swappage!

OC Swappage is much like a Secret Santa, except we hold it every month. Here, you can draw other people’s ocs and have other people draw your ocs. Our goal is to foster creativity and give the chance for everyone to try drawing things both inside and outside their comfort zone to help grow your skills as an artist.

How do I join an OC Swappage?

Anyone may join the group but in doing so it is expected that you have read and understand the rules. To participate in the monthly swap you must sign up when prompted by leaving a comment on the respective journal (keep reading for more detail).

How does an OC Swappage work?

1. On the last week of the month, a journal will be written saying that spots are open for next month’s swappage. If you want to join, comment with names of ocs and references.
2. On the first day of the month, all the participants will be sent a note saying who they’ll be drawing for.
3. You will get the whole month to draw your oc swap.
4. In the last week of the month, or what we call ‘Happy Week’, participants will be allowed to submit their oc swaps and sign up for next month’s swappage, along with anyone else who wants to join.
5. The cycle is repeated again for next month.

When do I submit my drawing?

During the last week of the month after the Happy Week journal has been posted. Please avoid uploading to dA before this time and be sure to submit your drawing to the group so it can be found in our gallery. what was Happy Week again?

Happy week is the last week of the month. During this time, people can submit their oc swaps and sign up for next month's swap. If you have signed up, you will get a note saying who you will be drawing for on the first day of the next month.

How is it determined who draws for who?

Using a random number generator everyone is asigned someone else to draw. The numbers are fudged a little so no one draws for each other and to try avoid having users draw for the same person too often. Share the love!

What kind of characters are allowed?

Any original character as long as it belongs to you! That means character you have purchesed as adoptables are fine and characters that belong to particular shows (eg. a Naruto OC) are fine. Strictly no 'official' characters are allowed, this is OC swap after all.

What kind of references can I use?

You can use any type of reference as long as;
1. It has colour, or at least have a description of the colours
2. It is a least waist up; no headshots please, unless you have another reference to go with it
3. 'OC Journals' are fine as long as they conform with the rules above
4. You may list as many references as you like, but pick the best ones
5. The reference does not have to be drawn by you but it is recomended
The most important thing is being conciderate to whoever is drawing for you, the ref should be clear enough that they can faithfully draw your character without having to make guesses. Including bios within the description of your references is recommended! That extra bit of info can help bring more life to the drawing.

What if I sign up for a Swappage, something happens and I can’t participate?

You must note the group as soon as you realise you cannot submit on time. After you have informed the group, submit the swap as soon as your are able. You will not be able to join further swaps until your previous swap is completed. Of course, your life and your health are more important than a single drawing so do not push yourself but if you are worried you will not be able to complete your swap concider not signing up for the time being. We're here every month, there's no rush!!

What are strikes? How do they work?

Strikes are given to users who do not submit their swap on time. On your third swap your will be permanatly removed from the group. Strikes can easily be removed by consitantly submitting on time in the future and by communicating clearly with the group if problems arise.

I didn't recieve a swap this month? Now what?

Be pacient. They may be running a bit late. If you do not recieve anything after a few weeks then unfortunatly there is little recourse. This group is based on trust and there is no way to force someone to make good on their deal. They will not be able to return to the group until their have completed your drawing but after a certain amount of time it is likely the swap won't be fulfilled. We hope that this will not discourage you from participating. Most of our members are wonderful and have been part of the group for some time, unfulfilled swaps are an anomoly.

Can I use a base?

No. All submitted work must be completely your own.

Anything else I need to know?

1. People may put references for more than one oc up but you only need to choose one oc to draw
2. Remember, the deadline for submitting your oc swap is the last day of the month, don’t be late!
3. You cannot sign up for next month until your last swap has been submitted

I'm confused/have a question/something is wrong!

Note the group or Winged-Seahorse (that's me! the mod!!). I will get back to you asap. If it doesn't seem like I've been online lately it's recommended you note me directly as I will have the message sent straight to my phone! Sometime I disapear during busy exam seasons but I should always be contactable.
Happy week is here! Submit your swaps and sign up for next month!

:iconwinged-seahorse: with anyone
:iconikny: with Levoche "He wears many things, so don't be afraid to play fast and loose with his outfit."
:iconditzydm: with anyone
:iconwildcats25: with anyone
:iconthebeartamer: with anyone
:iconbookfangeek: with anyone
:iconsaragonvoid: with anyone
:iconanswertolifeis42: with Mayuut
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